05 December 2008

Still Sick

Here I am the better part of three weeks later and I'm still sick. I've been back to the doctor twice now. Once because whatever is wrong with my stomach is not going away, still hasn't. I can sort of hold down food, well some foods... but it's still not right. My blood tests didn't show anything. They sent me for an ultrasound last this week and the results from that aren't back yet.
Then I also had to go to the doctor because I've got a sinus infection. It hurts so bad my face feels like it's exploding and if I could pull three or four of my upper teeth out it might feel better. :-( So I'm on an antibiotic, which doesn't help the stomach thing because I don't tolerate them well.
Hoping and praying will be feeling better soon. But that's why haven't been around much.