24 August 2008


I got this from empress who had gotten it from Cowtown Stacy. I had to copy for our two month anniversary... even if she didn't tag me!!!

What is his name? Keith
How long have you been married? Today is two months.
How long did you date? It was 41 weeks before we got engaged and we were engaged for 43 weeks before we got married.
How old is he? 39 (I'm exactly five years younger, to the day!)
Who eats more? Probably me.
Who said I love you first? I did, and he wouldn't tell me back cause we were on the phone.
Who is taller? He is.
Who sings better? ME! I even sang at our wedding because he wanted - even just once - to hear me sing my heart out, so I did.
Who's temper is worse? Probably him.
Who does the laundry? Both of us although he does most of the carting to and from upstairs to the laundry room and back.
Who pays the bills? We both do.
Who cooks dinner? When we cook at home, it's both of us.
Who mows the lawn? Neither, we don't own a house yet. But when we do, I'm fairly certain it will be him, unless he needs some help once in a while.
Who wears the pants in the family? If I had to pick one, I'd say him but we make most our decisions together.

Saturday Photo Hunt - Wrinkled

I know my post for this is a little late. But here it is... wrinkled.

Unfortunately the cat decided she wanted to play with my roses that were in the vase on the table. This one was quite wrinkled and wilted from being out of the water for so long.

Find the photo hunt here!

21 August 2008

Better Morning Than Yesterday - Please

Yesterday morning, it was like I'd woken up but forgotten my brain.

I left for work and forgot my badges to get into the office. So two exits from work, I had to turn around and go back.

This was a good thing because after I'd turned around I also realized I'd forgotten my laptop.

So I got home, grabbed the laptop from the house and my badges from Keith's car and set out for work again.

When I got upstairs, I realized I'd left my laptop down in the truck. So I started a few things that would take a while and set out to get it.

When I got back upstairs, one of my co-workers noted that my shirt was on inside out. No one else had noticed. The worst part is that I had thought about the fact that it was inside out when I took it off the hanger, cause most of my shirts I hang dry inside-out. But then my brain, didn't remember that while I was getting dressed.


Here's hoping for a better morning today. At least I've got my shirt on right-side out.

19 August 2008

Husband's Car

The last couple days while Keith is out of town, I've been driving his car. It's an all black S2000. The excuse has been that they have been painting the lines in the parking lot at the apartment complex. There are two rows and I didn't want to park his car over where all the turkey butts would be parking, plus that and if they got ahead of schedule, the white spray would be harder to get off an all black car where wouldn't be as noticable on my metalic stell blue truck. But honestly it's more because it's just fun to drive and the weather has been gorgeous convertible top-down weather. ;-)

Tuesday nights we go to Thai a couple friends from work. Keith normally parks down the end of the lot because the spot is a bit larger so people are less likely to hit it. When walking out of the restaurant there were two other S2000s parked next to "twoie"! I had to take a picture with my cell phone because that was all I had with me and send it to Keith. Here it is, I know it's not the best shot but all the same.

Ian's Baseball Season

This summer Ian decided to try baseball. The athletic association has a great learning league, the players play each of the positions all season long so they can learn all the various things to do. Ian had a lot of fun.

I took this picture one evening when he came over to get a drink. Loving my new camera, I think it focused perfectly on him.

Ian in his baseball uniform, originally uploaded by fltrbysvn.

Ian hit this double and it was perfect. He was actually using a teammates bat, which was an ounce heavier. Ever since he's been trying to convince me of getting a new bat.

Ian's first double, originally uploaded by fltrbysvn.

You could see his excitement when he made it to second. Yeah, I did that!

Ian's Double Excitement, originally uploaded by fltrbysvn.

18 August 2008

Wedding Photos

I have to thank my sister for taking all the pictures at the wedding and my mom for letting her borrow the Nikon. My sister took very beautiful pictures of every moment.

Here are a few of my favorites. My most favorite is now in the title.

17 August 2008

A Fantastic Wedding Gift

When I was little my mother taught me how to wind the mantle clock that had been her parents. She told me one day, when I got married, the clock would be mine. Well, I got married, 13 years ago, and when I asked about the clock I was told no, you can't have it. Talk about disappointed. Things at that point in my life between my parents and myself weren't good. They weren't ahppy with my choices and weren't happy with hoom I'd gotten married to.

Fast forward to last year. I got divorced. I found a man that I love deeply and he's helped me to fix things with my family, although I probably have to say the divorce had a lot to do with that.

Fast forward to our wedding day. I mentioned in my wedding post that my mom rushed off while we were running errands to talk privately with daddy on the phone. I learned why at the reception. Over by their seats was a huge bag. Mom said I have a special present for you and there are cards in the bottom too. I asked her if I should open it now and she said it was up to me. I peeked (I don't like waiting). Inside was this clock.

I broke down in tears. Mind you they were happy tears. It was my family clock and it was now mine. Things had been fixed. The relationship with my parents was back where it needed to be. My mom thanked Keith for bringing me back and supporting me and in the middle of the reception I was having to explain all the water works, even though the were really happy tears.

16 August 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt - Colorful

Just got home from a boy scout pool party. While there the boys all competed in the rain gutter regatta.

Ian's and Logan's Regatta Boats

15 August 2008

The Wedding

Our wedding day has come and gone. Almost two months ago. But life has been so busy that I haven't even been able to upload favorite photos or post anything about the day here.

June 24th 2008

The day was perfect. Actually the entire time was wonderful. But I'll start with that day.

The boys (Ian and Logan) were on their best behavior. My favorite part of the morning was Ian half teasing Logan because he had not wished Keith or me a happy birthday. It was more of a you should do it, in a "whisper" that could be heard while I was walking to the breakfast table at the hotel.

After breakfast the errands began. My mom, Mary Beth (Keith's step-mom) and I left the guys to fend for themselves for several hours, leaving around 9AM and hoping to be back by noon.

Off to the bakery. Simple enough, 36 vanilla cupcake with plain white icing... wonder if they knew it would be for a tier stand that would be our wedding cake.

Off to the restaurant. They took the cupcakes and let us put aside the favors, wine glasses and the presents for the boys in a side closet. But due to a last minute luncheon prior to us using the room, we would have to come back after three that afternoon to set anything up. "It's OK; it can be done" mom said, we'll leave the hotel at 3, come here (five minutes away) and still make it to the park (another ten minutes away) by 4.

Off to the manicurist. The night before, Mary Beth, realized she hadn't done her nails or gotten a pedicure. Mom took care of it, called her manicurist and made her an appointment. A quick stop at the deli next door to order a few sandwiches for lunch that we could pick up when we came back. And then my mom realized there were two bills she needed to drop off, so we ran around to do that.

Off to my parents. Just to pick up a few things. Note: the hotel, just for fun to be with all the family was only 15 minutes from my parents house.

Off to get the flowers. A call from daddy as we're on the way out the door... is it raining there yet? No. He was leaving work and it was coming down in sheets. He works 15 minutes opposite the hotel from my parents house. We get to the florist and the sky is dark. But we must stop at the hardware shop to see an old friend first, just a quick hi, we have 5 minutes to get flowers and get back to pick Mary Beth up. The flowers are gorgeous! My mom and I had review images on line from four states away on the phone. She said she'd order them since I couldn't make it back up and I knew this florist does lovely work but still was awestruck that they were so perfect. The flowers were in the truck and then the sky opened up.

Off to pick up Mary Beth. The girls were all concerned.... oh your wedding day. They ran next door to the deli to check the weather channel and came back exclaiming that it will be OK, just a quick storm it will pass and the skies will clear. Mary Beth's nails aren't dry. We wait a few minutes but it's already noon. I need to get back, eat lunch, get myself showered, get the boys bathed, let Keith get in the shower and leave by 3! Mom leaves because daddy called. A story I'll have to tell another day. ;-) She walks out saying she'll get the sandwiches. I get Mary Beth into the truck and buckled so she won't ruin a nail.

Back at the hotel. We attempt to politely kick everyone out of the hotel room, so we can get ready but Keith's brother has just arrived. So we quickly eat sitting on the beds. By 1:30 everyone is out of the room. Thankfully while I was gone, Keith has ironed everything that needed ironed and gotten things laid out. I hop in the shower then throw on a robe while I get the boys a bath and Keith shaves. Then the boys, trying to help got themselves dressed at least in socks, pants and t-shirts. Keith's in the shower and I'm drying my hair and putting on makeup. Somehow all of this is done in an hour and a half.

Off to the restaurant. My mom, Nana, Ian and I get in the truck. The rest pile into various cars to go to the park. Mom and I make quick work of getting all the favors/name cards out and the cupcake tier put together and the boys gifts hidden but reachable.

Off to the park. The weather has cleared. It's absolutely beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and perfectly blue. We arrive and mom gets Nana down to the gazebo. She comes back to say I have to wait a few minutes because the laptop (which is needed for me to sing) is still in daddy's car. That's OK, for the first time that day I can breathe. It's here!

Walking up the park path, my son by my side, my family smiling, and my husband to be was just wonderful to see. No tears this time. All smiles!

Back to the restaurant. The reception was lovely and the food was fantastic. One small scary moment which probably embarrassed my sister more than anything she had her heart rate accelerate and paramedics were called but was feeling OK after about 15 minutes.

Finally back at the hotel at 930. Exhausted but needing to get a few things taken care of. Keith's nephews say they will play with the boys for a few minutes while we get their things moved to the other room and get changed. Finally got to very wound up boys off to bed in mom and daddy's room around 1030 and then said our good nights to everyone else.

As rushed as it was, or maybe seemed, I wouldn't change a thing! It was perfect and I'm happy!