31 January 2006

2 AM

Well it's been a long day. And now I can't sleep.
Ian wasn't feeling well, so I left work to take him to the doctors, it's just a virus but he isn't happy because I won't let him have friends over... well he has a fever and at 6 he just doesn't understand that it means he's contagious.
Then our desktop computer messed up and my husband was all upset cause he's in his next to last semester of finishing his master's online. So he used my laptop while a friend came over to try and help me fix it but it's gonna be a few days cause I'm going to have to order some parts. So now I'm up searching for a good deal and low shipping that will get the necessary parts here as fast as possible.
I'm staying home tomorrow with Ian, and hopefully he'll sleep in/take a nap because I'm going to be tired.

30 January 2006


There are several things right now that I am counting down the time for...


Winter Olympics

Daytona 500 - Start of NASCAR racing season (Had to start it today because #20 Tony Stewart is my favorite driver.)

Amazing Race

Beach Vacation

11th Anniversary

Disney Vacation

Christmas (Mostly because no countdown would be complete without this one.)


The other day I mention how far behind I am on my journaling for Ian's
scrapbooks. Well over the weekend, I counted the number of pages and set
a goal for getting them done.
There are 100 pages that I need to journal and add titles to. Yikes, 100
pages, that's a lot of writing that I need to do.
Well here's the goal, 5 pages a night and that would get them done
sometime around Feb 16th. The problem is that I was supposed to start
Saturday but of course life got in the way and only started last night.
I think I can catch up on the five pages from Saturday. We'll see.
Any how, that's my goal, I'm hoping I can make it.
TTFN ~ Pamela Lynn

27 January 2006

What Hit Song of 2005 Are You?

Your 2005 Song Is

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

"My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating"

In 2005, you bummed everyone out. Like you care.

Yes, I love that song. And yes it probably is true... unfortunately.
Last year was a bad year, still trying to find my way out.
Hoping and praying that this year is better, much better.
Thanks for the link Melissa.

26 January 2006

First Layouts of the Year

Well I went to a scrap booking event last Friday and got 6 layouts done. Well not completely done, they still need to be journalled (but I'm falling way behind on that).

These are from last summer. We go to Ocean City NJ every year. It's wonderful.

This border was from a swap on SS and was made by scrapnmum.

I know the pictures in this one are fuzzy but it's because I was driving a go cart and taking pictures at the same time.

This is at Pirate's Cove, one of the two ride/carnival type areas.

My son loves mini-golf. There are 7 places to play on the boardwalk in Ocean City.

24 January 2006

Cancelled Show

I'm so sad. One of my favorite shows has been cancelled.
I was so hoping for Alan Alda to win. Although that was doubtful being that most wanted Santos to win. (ETA: he hadn't lost yet, I just don't think it's likely that he would win. Thanks for the catch Melissa.)
I just love Alan Alda. Not even sure why, could be he reminds me of my dad, could be that my family grew up watching MASH together (it was just about our only family thing that we did together)... who knows.
Here's hoping I can watch Alan Alda in a new show.

21 January 2006

My Guys

I just want to say that I love my guys. They are awesome and having them in my life is a blessing. Tonight I went scrapbooking with some friends. On my way out the door I just wanted a picture of my guys. They obliged but I don't know when they will let me take a picture again.
Well without further ado... Here they are...

20 January 2006

IHOP ~ A date with my son

Once a month Jeffrey stays late for a manager's meeting at work. Ian and I have always gone to IHOP for dinner that night.

Here are some pictures from our trip the other night.

Ian Playing GI Joe Sigma 6 - These guys go almost everywhere with him. (I say almost because we don't allow them to go to school with him, thankfully he understands.)

Ian Doing the Maze on his menu - He loves his mazes and word finds.

Ian Eating Dinner... His usual, the waitress even knows what he will have, Silver Five - Eggs scrambled hard and no meat. He was not so thrilled that I was still taking pictures.

I love our night out together, it's tradition now and I look forward to our date each month.

19 January 2006

Hello Again...

Well, I've only just begun this and already I've fallen behind... So until I can think of some other things to post here's another Getting to know You copied from Melissa who copied it from Veronica who copied it from Heidi who copied it from Tosin...

1. My uncle once: made fun of me because I was wearing a new training bra.
2. Never in my life: have I been to Australia.
3. When I was five: I broke my arm and had to have surgery to fix it.
4. High School was: a blur and a pain.
5. My parents are: Father - Baptist;Dutch/English. Mother - Catholic but converted to Baptist;Cherokee/English.
6. I once met: the drummer for Candlebox, they were in town for a concert.
7. There's this girl I know who: has a heart bigger than you can imagine.
8. Once, at a bar: I downed 5 Long Island Iced Teas in half an hour. And yes I was very sick after words.
9. Last night: I went to bed early because I'm sick.
10. Next time I go to church: I will be trying a new church again.
11. When I turn my head left, I see: a big column and the next cubby.
12. When I turn my head right, I see: pictures and my other computer.
13. How many days until my birthday?: 156
14. If I was a character written by Shakespeare I'd be: Juliet? Must confess that's the only one I've read or seen.
15. By this time next year: I hope I will have my weight back down and be in better shape.
16. A better name for me would be: Sick... I seem to always be that.
17. I have a hard time understanding: Other people.
18. If I ever go back to school I: will get my bachelor's in early childhood education.
19. You know I like you if: I open up.
20. If I won an award, the first person I'd thank would be: My husband and son.
21. Take my advice: Smile. It will at least make people wonder what you are up to.
22. My ideal breakfast is: Bagel and cream cheese with a nice cup of coffee.
23. If you visit my hometown: I would be 6 hours away but you can visit my parents (they haven't left yet)...
24. Why won't someone: Convince my parents to move out of NJ.
25. If you spend the night at my house: you could sleep in the guest room but I might have to put my scrap booking stuff away.
26. I'd stop my wedding: no I wouldn't... we moved the date up by a year just so we could be together sooner.
27. The world could do without: S's (s.p.i.d.e.r.s and s.n.a.k.e.s)
28. I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: Have Ian get sick.
29. Paper clips are more useful than: Coat hangers (my coat hangs on a paperclip that is bent and hooked into my cubby wall).
30. If I do anything well, it is: love my son.
31. And by the way: I am out of answers.

17 January 2006


Not much to say except wow... how is it possible a week has gone by since I posted?

Does anyone have any ideas?

11 January 2006

My Power Color = My Favorite Color

Your Power Color Is Red-Orange
At Your Highest:
You are warm, sensitive, and focused on your personal growth.
At Your Lowest:
You become defensive and critical if you feel attacked.
In Love:
You are loyal - but you demand the respect you deserve.
How You're Attractive:
You are very affectionate and inspire trust.
Your Eternal Question:
"Am I Respected?"

10 January 2006

Another way to get to know me ~ Tag you're it!

OK... I know I'm late but a couple friends had this on their blogs and I thought it was cute.
Thanks Melissa, Heidi and Veronica!
This is being passed around... another way to get to know me... If you find this TAG you're it!
[A is for age:] - 31
[B is for booze of choice:] - Sunset Martini
[C is for career:] - It Specialist - Computer Tester
[D is for your dad's name:] - Donald Lee
[E is for essential items to bring to a party:] - Jeffrey's Taco Salad
[F is for favorite song at the moment:] - "Going Under" - Evanescence
[G is for favorite game:] - Settler's of Catan (A German game and this addiction is thanks to a friend of mine...)
[H is for hometown:] - Plainfield
[I is for instruments you play:] - Piano, though I am very out of practice
[J is for jam or jelly you like:] - Strawberry
[K is for kids?] - My blessing, Ian is 6yo
[L is for living arrangements:] - with dh, son, and Cats
[M is for mom's name:] - Lynn Ann
[N is for name of your crush ] - Tony Stewart
[O is for overnight hospital stays] - Pain management when I was 13 for a major growth spurt, twice for dehydration (one of which is when they found I had two ulcers), birth of son, have had several others but they have just been day surgeries...
[P is for phobias:] - "S"s... (s.n.a.k.e.s & s.p.i.d.e.r.s)
[R is for relationship that lasted the longest] - 12 years, dated dh for a year, we were engaged for a year and we've been married for 10
[S is for sexual preference:] - Men
[T is for time you wake up:] - About 5:30am for work - if I sleep later than 6:30 on the weekends I get a headache
[U is for underwear:] - Cotton (lots of colors, which is new for me...)
[V is for vegetable you love:] - Corn
[W is for weekend plans:] - Scrapbook
[X is for x-rays you've had:] - Umm.. each arm, hand, wrist, left calf, both knees... I'm sure there have been more, I've broken lots of bones.
[Y is for yummy food you make:] - Spaghetti
[Z is for zodiac sign:] - Cancer

Hugs From A Friend

You never know when a hug could be used. Sometimes the most random ones
are the most meaningful.

I got to work today after a 3 day weekend and a friend had left me a
present on my desk. A beautiful card to remind me that she's there for
me whenever I need her and a book called Hugs for Friends. Man, she has
no idea how much I needed that hug, well on second though maybe she
does. Gotta love friends who know you like the back of their own hand.

Don't forget to give a friend a hug today. I'm sending one to you.

Hi Y'all

My name is Pamela Lynn (first name anyways; yep two of them)...
I've been happily married to my DH Jeffrey for 10 years now; it's had it's ups and downs but mostly it's great!
We have a blessing of a son, Ian who just turned 6 and is loving kindergarten.
Also, we have two cats Oreo and Tigger who are 9 and a half.
Flutterby is the name of a book about a pegasus, that I read as a child and 7 is my favorite number.
I live in Hampton, VA and love it here. I'm close enough to family in MD, PA and NJ that I can get there when I need to but far enough away that they can't just drop in whenever.
I created this because I love my friend Melissa's so much. I met her on-line at a place called Scrapshare. I had the wonderful privilege of meeting her in-real-life a couple months ago.