04 October 2009

Ian and Me

Ian and Me
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Today was Ian's tenth birthday party. His birthday is Wednesday, I can't believe he'll be ten. It's gone by so quickly.

12 February 2009

09 February 2009

Blog Challenge - Love #3

I suppose a blog challenge about love would not be complete without posting about my son.

Ian and Pamela, originally uploaded by fltrbysvn.

I love him so much. We have a game we play to say who loves each other most. Sometimes it gets rather silly... "I love you mostest!"... "I love you mostester!" Ian has figured he can start adding things to it like, "I love you more than the whole world, all the stars and the planets!"
I think the game actually started a few months ago, when I asked his father if I could please have one of the books that I'd read to Ian when he was little. It was and is my favorite book. He still loves that book. It may be a little too easy for him to read now but he still likes for me to read it. It's called I Love You As Much. It goes through rhyming how much each mother bear, duck, mouse loves her child and ends with "I love you as much as a mother can love!"
Ian I love you!

08 February 2009

Blog Challenge - Love #2

Lighthouse, originally uploaded by fltrbysvn.

Keith is in Hawaii right now. Yesterday he decided to take a drive to do some sight seeing. While he was driving around, he saw this lighthouse from the highway and decided to go get a picture for me because he knows that I love them.
In order to get the picture he had to take a two mile hike. But he did it for me, cause he loves me and knows that I would love to see this.

04 February 2009

Blog Challenge - Love #1

Love, originally uploaded by fltrbysvn.

I know this may seem quite silly but one of the things keeping me somewhat sane right now is the fact that Keith and I can chat on-line at least for a little while before I go to bed.
Last night I found the Blog Challenge on Scrapshare for February is to post about Love. Well, here is a screen shot of us just being a little silly and writing our message. The funny thing is we had chosen to right it at the same time he was just done a little sooner so I had to add "too".
That is one of the things I love the most about our relationship. A lot of the times we will be thinking or doing the same things... even from 5,562 miles apart.
I love you honey, so much!

03 February 2009

Out of My Element

I'm not sure where to begin...

Work is insanely busy right now. My husband is on travel to Hawaii for two weeks. One might think lucky him, but with 12 - 14 hour days it's not like he'll get to see any of the beautiful state. While he's there I'm also on travel for work to northern VA.

My husband and I work in the same office, although lately he's been on a lot of travel. The last month thankfully was local, so he was home but just not at the office.

I don't like being alone. I don't like being away from home. I don't like being away from my routine.

It has me just a bit off. I'm not sleeping right. I can't eat. I'm weepy all the time, just the drop of a hat and the tears well up in my eyes.

I wish i knew how to do better at all of these things... I wish I knew how to be a stronger person.

05 December 2008

Still Sick

Here I am the better part of three weeks later and I'm still sick. I've been back to the doctor twice now. Once because whatever is wrong with my stomach is not going away, still hasn't. I can sort of hold down food, well some foods... but it's still not right. My blood tests didn't show anything. They sent me for an ultrasound last this week and the results from that aren't back yet.
Then I also had to go to the doctor because I've got a sinus infection. It hurts so bad my face feels like it's exploding and if I could pull three or four of my upper teeth out it might feel better. :-( So I'm on an antibiotic, which doesn't help the stomach thing because I don't tolerate them well.
Hoping and praying will be feeling better soon. But that's why haven't been around much.