22 January 2007

Lazy Weekend

This past weekend I didn't do much of anything... maybe two loads of laundry (which really is all there was) and paid the bills.
I had Ian Friday night, he had a sleepover with one of my friend's sons from my work. They had a blast and played nicely. They even slept in a bit (9am) on Saturday morning.
There is stuff I need to do at the house, I just didn't feel like it... I kind of needed the break, it's been a whirlwind of a couple months and I think last week it was all catching up to me.
So I'll get to the stuff I need to do (like hanging curtains and pictures or working on my scrapbooking which I haven't touched in 7 months). But for now, I was kind of just happy for the break.
Pamela Lynn

18 January 2007

A Signed Contract

Today at lunchtime we went to the realtor's and signed off on a counter offer to the bid on the house.

Then at 5 I got the call that they had accepted what we modified and signed off on it. Yay!!! I'm so happy, I can't even begin to describe it.

They want to move in on the 28th of February. Between now and then it will be busy... the house has to be inspected and appraised... then the sellers have to get all the title work in order and we have to hire a lawyer to review the closing paperwork. It's going to be a fun month... note that "fun" is sarcastic.

Pamela Lynn

17 January 2007

Yay - An Offer On the House

Finally an offer on the house... thank goodness.

Jeffrey was actually not too happy, I think he would rather stay in the house... but I'm not going to help him pay the mortgage forever and he can't afford it on his own.

We have to meet with our realtor tomorrow morning to sign paperwork to accept the offer. It is pending the sale of the buyers current home and they are looking to move in at the end of February.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all will work out.
Pamela Lynn

16 January 2007

A Long 7 Months Away

Well, I know it's been a long time since I've posted and lots has happened... more so in the last couple months but a lot along the way.

The biggest thing that has happened is that I've left my husband Jeffrey. For a very long time now I've been unhappy and not many people knew it because I tried as best I could to hide it. He was very controlling whether he knew it or not. He also made fun of my weight, even though he just said it was because he loved me. I never thought I could leave... I thought I had to stay, I felt stuck.

Then I switched jobs last June and the people there made me realize how strong a person I was. Then I started paying attention to how much I did at the house. Then I thought for a little while that I needed to stay for Ian's sake. But I realized I could be a much better mother if I was happy. So I made the decision that there was no turning back and I was leaving.

I moved out on the 15th of December. I've found myself a nice two bedroom townhouse. We share custody of Ian. The only thing holding the separation back is the sale of the house, which I pray will be soon.

I'll write more about everything as time goes by but for now I just needed to jot down some thoughts... figured it had been long enough that I'd been away.
Pamela Lynn