05 November 2008

Month of Gratitude #5

Today I just found a challenge to post something each day that we are thankful for in the month of November.

I know I'm starting a little late as it's already the 5th but there are lots of little things daily to be thankful for.

Today I am thankful for.... the "make it all better song". Almost 15 years ago, I lived in the dorms on base. My suite mate and I had a song that we both loved. For whatever the reason it just made things OK. It's Far Behind by Candlebox. Today I heard it on the radio while coming home from work. Now it makes me think of her (she's since moved home to PA) and I smiled. I even sent her a text message to let her know.

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It's Just Me...and my coffee! said...

Glad you're in for the challenge. I know what you mean about songs taking you back. I'll be checking back on your blog!=]