22 January 2007

Lazy Weekend

This past weekend I didn't do much of anything... maybe two loads of laundry (which really is all there was) and paid the bills.
I had Ian Friday night, he had a sleepover with one of my friend's sons from my work. They had a blast and played nicely. They even slept in a bit (9am) on Saturday morning.
There is stuff I need to do at the house, I just didn't feel like it... I kind of needed the break, it's been a whirlwind of a couple months and I think last week it was all catching up to me.
So I'll get to the stuff I need to do (like hanging curtains and pictures or working on my scrapbooking which I haven't touched in 7 months). But for now, I was kind of just happy for the break.
Pamela Lynn


agent713 said...

Sometimes those weekends are the best. You are smart for taking advantage of it :)

Amy said...

Glad to see you're ok, I was beginning to get worried about you.