18 January 2007

A Signed Contract

Today at lunchtime we went to the realtor's and signed off on a counter offer to the bid on the house.

Then at 5 I got the call that they had accepted what we modified and signed off on it. Yay!!! I'm so happy, I can't even begin to describe it.

They want to move in on the 28th of February. Between now and then it will be busy... the house has to be inspected and appraised... then the sellers have to get all the title work in order and we have to hire a lawyer to review the closing paperwork. It's going to be a fun month... note that "fun" is sarcastic.

Pamela Lynn


tosin said...

Wow! That's great! One less thing you have to worry about.

I'm closing on my house in two weeks. We can share in the misery together!

agent713 said...

Wow. That must feel great. Congrats on closing. I'll pray that their house sells nice and fast too.

Mel said...

Yea! Congrats!!


tracey said...

Not that you 're going to have the time as you are moving BUT, I'd love it if you'd stop by my photo blog picturethis.clubmom.com. I share tips and tricks that might be right up your alley! Just a thought.