16 February 2007

Ups and Downs

The last couple weeks has been a lot of ups and downs...
Most of the ups were stuff I can't really talk about just yet... so more to come on that in the future.
The downs...
  • The house had something that needed to be fixed prior to the up coming closing, fortunately it only cost about a hundred dollars. I suppose it could have been worse.
  • I had to do the final tax filing with Jeffrey... the couple of hours spent with him to get that done was not fun. Fortunately, we got money back from both federal and state... Unfortunately he doesn't trust me enough to not come at him for money so... he wrote me a check for the amount and then I wrote him a check for the same amount to cover my half of the joint bills.
  • Work has been crazy busy, so I've been burning the candle at both ends. Some days the distraction of actually having to be at work has been welcome because it keeps me busy... other days it's really tough to concentrate.
  • Ian has not been wanting to spend time with me... complains that he will miss the house, which I can understand... complains that he misses his father, which just kind of irritates me because it seems that he wants his father more than me and that hurts... complains that he doesn't like sleeping at my new house, which I try asking what is wrong I will try to fix it and he just doesn't know. He's seven and I can understand this is tough, really I do but I just wish he would want to see me too.

Guess that's about all for now... 11 days and counting until the house closes and we can finally sign the separation agreement.

Pamela Lynn


Amy said...

Pamela, things will work out with Ian. He probably just needs the male bonding thing right now.

Hopefully we'll be able to get together again and scrap. I have a great time the last time at my church. We're not doing it there anymore, but I do go to my cmc's crops up by Fort Eustis.

Mel said...

Hugs Pamela!
I hope everything else goes smoothly and the good things are great.


tosin said...

Miss you!

Hope you start seeing more sunshine than rain....