08 September 2008

Ian Playing Goalie

Ian's first soccer game of the season was tonight. He's on a new team this season becasue the old team was broken up, the coaches had moved away and there weren't enough players.
Last night we'd had a talk because during practices or just practicing with us, he will do great. But during games, he will hang back or if he gets nervous he will just fall. So we told him we know he can do it and just get in there.
So, he did and here are the photos to prove it!

Ian Playing Goalie, originally uploaded by fltrbysvn.

Ian's Goal, originally uploaded by fltrbysvn.

Ian actually game back from mid field with the ball, no one had been available to pass to until all he could do was shoot or pass backwards. He made the shot and it went past the defense and the goalie. It was awesome! He was so excited!

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