09 February 2009

Blog Challenge - Love #3

I suppose a blog challenge about love would not be complete without posting about my son.

Ian and Pamela, originally uploaded by fltrbysvn.

I love him so much. We have a game we play to say who loves each other most. Sometimes it gets rather silly... "I love you mostest!"... "I love you mostester!" Ian has figured he can start adding things to it like, "I love you more than the whole world, all the stars and the planets!"
I think the game actually started a few months ago, when I asked his father if I could please have one of the books that I'd read to Ian when he was little. It was and is my favorite book. He still loves that book. It may be a little too easy for him to read now but he still likes for me to read it. It's called I Love You As Much. It goes through rhyming how much each mother bear, duck, mouse loves her child and ends with "I love you as much as a mother can love!"
Ian I love you!


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