03 February 2009

Out of My Element

I'm not sure where to begin...

Work is insanely busy right now. My husband is on travel to Hawaii for two weeks. One might think lucky him, but with 12 - 14 hour days it's not like he'll get to see any of the beautiful state. While he's there I'm also on travel for work to northern VA.

My husband and I work in the same office, although lately he's been on a lot of travel. The last month thankfully was local, so he was home but just not at the office.

I don't like being alone. I don't like being away from home. I don't like being away from my routine.

It has me just a bit off. I'm not sleeping right. I can't eat. I'm weepy all the time, just the drop of a hat and the tears well up in my eyes.

I wish i knew how to do better at all of these things... I wish I knew how to be a stronger person.

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