31 January 2006

2 AM

Well it's been a long day. And now I can't sleep.
Ian wasn't feeling well, so I left work to take him to the doctors, it's just a virus but he isn't happy because I won't let him have friends over... well he has a fever and at 6 he just doesn't understand that it means he's contagious.
Then our desktop computer messed up and my husband was all upset cause he's in his next to last semester of finishing his master's online. So he used my laptop while a friend came over to try and help me fix it but it's gonna be a few days cause I'm going to have to order some parts. So now I'm up searching for a good deal and low shipping that will get the necessary parts here as fast as possible.
I'm staying home tomorrow with Ian, and hopefully he'll sleep in/take a nap because I'm going to be tired.

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