24 January 2006

Cancelled Show

I'm so sad. One of my favorite shows has been cancelled.
I was so hoping for Alan Alda to win. Although that was doubtful being that most wanted Santos to win. (ETA: he hadn't lost yet, I just don't think it's likely that he would win. Thanks for the catch Melissa.)
I just love Alan Alda. Not even sure why, could be he reminds me of my dad, could be that my family grew up watching MASH together (it was just about our only family thing that we did together)... who knows.
Here's hoping I can watch Alan Alda in a new show.


Mel said...

Alan lost? I actually was voting for the other guy.. but I have not seen it in a couple months, so...
That is sad that they are canceling it... I liked that show.

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

No... he hadn't lost yet... it's just been very unlikely for him to win with some of the directions the show has taken. But I'm very sad it's being cancelled.