20 January 2006

IHOP ~ A date with my son

Once a month Jeffrey stays late for a manager's meeting at work. Ian and I have always gone to IHOP for dinner that night.

Here are some pictures from our trip the other night.

Ian Playing GI Joe Sigma 6 - These guys go almost everywhere with him. (I say almost because we don't allow them to go to school with him, thankfully he understands.)

Ian Doing the Maze on his menu - He loves his mazes and word finds.

Ian Eating Dinner... His usual, the waitress even knows what he will have, Silver Five - Eggs scrambled hard and no meat. He was not so thrilled that I was still taking pictures.

I love our night out together, it's tradition now and I look forward to our date each month.


Mel said...

Awww Pamela,
That sounds like a lot of fun going on a "date" with Ian. Glad he enjoys it... and those are great pictures - especially to scrap.

Emmy said...

That is such a neat tradition you have! And what fun to see the photos through the months and years showing how he has grown and changed! Those will be so fun to scrapbook!