30 January 2006


The other day I mention how far behind I am on my journaling for Ian's
scrapbooks. Well over the weekend, I counted the number of pages and set
a goal for getting them done.
There are 100 pages that I need to journal and add titles to. Yikes, 100
pages, that's a lot of writing that I need to do.
Well here's the goal, 5 pages a night and that would get them done
sometime around Feb 16th. The problem is that I was supposed to start
Saturday but of course life got in the way and only started last night.
I think I can catch up on the five pages from Saturday. We'll see.
Any how, that's my goal, I'm hoping I can make it.
TTFN ~ Pamela Lynn


tosin said...

So how's it going so far?
Good luck with it!

If I don't journal as I go, I usually get to the end of the book and have to journal the whole thing, which I HATE. So I try not to do that as much anymore. Sometimes I'm successful, sometimes not.


~D~ said...

I hope you are able to get this done : O) I am so far behind in my books, just pages in general, lol I am up to November 2004.. I said no more ss swaps till i reach 206 pages, lol.... I hope I don't get the shakes!


Mel said...

I have to journal right away. I love to get it done with the page protector on!!