19 January 2006

Hello Again...

Well, I've only just begun this and already I've fallen behind... So until I can think of some other things to post here's another Getting to know You copied from Melissa who copied it from Veronica who copied it from Heidi who copied it from Tosin...

1. My uncle once: made fun of me because I was wearing a new training bra.
2. Never in my life: have I been to Australia.
3. When I was five: I broke my arm and had to have surgery to fix it.
4. High School was: a blur and a pain.
5. My parents are: Father - Baptist;Dutch/English. Mother - Catholic but converted to Baptist;Cherokee/English.
6. I once met: the drummer for Candlebox, they were in town for a concert.
7. There's this girl I know who: has a heart bigger than you can imagine.
8. Once, at a bar: I downed 5 Long Island Iced Teas in half an hour. And yes I was very sick after words.
9. Last night: I went to bed early because I'm sick.
10. Next time I go to church: I will be trying a new church again.
11. When I turn my head left, I see: a big column and the next cubby.
12. When I turn my head right, I see: pictures and my other computer.
13. How many days until my birthday?: 156
14. If I was a character written by Shakespeare I'd be: Juliet? Must confess that's the only one I've read or seen.
15. By this time next year: I hope I will have my weight back down and be in better shape.
16. A better name for me would be: Sick... I seem to always be that.
17. I have a hard time understanding: Other people.
18. If I ever go back to school I: will get my bachelor's in early childhood education.
19. You know I like you if: I open up.
20. If I won an award, the first person I'd thank would be: My husband and son.
21. Take my advice: Smile. It will at least make people wonder what you are up to.
22. My ideal breakfast is: Bagel and cream cheese with a nice cup of coffee.
23. If you visit my hometown: I would be 6 hours away but you can visit my parents (they haven't left yet)...
24. Why won't someone: Convince my parents to move out of NJ.
25. If you spend the night at my house: you could sleep in the guest room but I might have to put my scrap booking stuff away.
26. I'd stop my wedding: no I wouldn't... we moved the date up by a year just so we could be together sooner.
27. The world could do without: S's (s.p.i.d.e.r.s and s.n.a.k.e.s)
28. I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: Have Ian get sick.
29. Paper clips are more useful than: Coat hangers (my coat hangs on a paperclip that is bent and hooked into my cubby wall).
30. If I do anything well, it is: love my son.
31. And by the way: I am out of answers.

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