17 August 2008

A Fantastic Wedding Gift

When I was little my mother taught me how to wind the mantle clock that had been her parents. She told me one day, when I got married, the clock would be mine. Well, I got married, 13 years ago, and when I asked about the clock I was told no, you can't have it. Talk about disappointed. Things at that point in my life between my parents and myself weren't good. They weren't ahppy with my choices and weren't happy with hoom I'd gotten married to.

Fast forward to last year. I got divorced. I found a man that I love deeply and he's helped me to fix things with my family, although I probably have to say the divorce had a lot to do with that.

Fast forward to our wedding day. I mentioned in my wedding post that my mom rushed off while we were running errands to talk privately with daddy on the phone. I learned why at the reception. Over by their seats was a huge bag. Mom said I have a special present for you and there are cards in the bottom too. I asked her if I should open it now and she said it was up to me. I peeked (I don't like waiting). Inside was this clock.

I broke down in tears. Mind you they were happy tears. It was my family clock and it was now mine. Things had been fixed. The relationship with my parents was back where it needed to be. My mom thanked Keith for bringing me back and supporting me and in the middle of the reception I was having to explain all the water works, even though the were really happy tears.

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agent713 said...

What a wonderful story Pamela!!! Your Mom must have known that this "time" it's the real thing :)