19 August 2008

Husband's Car

The last couple days while Keith is out of town, I've been driving his car. It's an all black S2000. The excuse has been that they have been painting the lines in the parking lot at the apartment complex. There are two rows and I didn't want to park his car over where all the turkey butts would be parking, plus that and if they got ahead of schedule, the white spray would be harder to get off an all black car where wouldn't be as noticable on my metalic stell blue truck. But honestly it's more because it's just fun to drive and the weather has been gorgeous convertible top-down weather. ;-)

Tuesday nights we go to Thai a couple friends from work. Keith normally parks down the end of the lot because the spot is a bit larger so people are less likely to hit it. When walking out of the restaurant there were two other S2000s parked next to "twoie"! I had to take a picture with my cell phone because that was all I had with me and send it to Keith. Here it is, I know it's not the best shot but all the same.

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