21 August 2008

Better Morning Than Yesterday - Please

Yesterday morning, it was like I'd woken up but forgotten my brain.

I left for work and forgot my badges to get into the office. So two exits from work, I had to turn around and go back.

This was a good thing because after I'd turned around I also realized I'd forgotten my laptop.

So I got home, grabbed the laptop from the house and my badges from Keith's car and set out for work again.

When I got upstairs, I realized I'd left my laptop down in the truck. So I started a few things that would take a while and set out to get it.

When I got back upstairs, one of my co-workers noted that my shirt was on inside out. No one else had noticed. The worst part is that I had thought about the fact that it was inside out when I took it off the hanger, cause most of my shirts I hang dry inside-out. But then my brain, didn't remember that while I was getting dressed.


Here's hoping for a better morning today. At least I've got my shirt on right-side out.

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Lita said...

Hope your day improved!