18 April 2006

Communications Skills

Last Friday for work I went to a four hour class on communication skills. We are getting ready to go through some major changes regarding the personnel system (evaluations, pay increases, etc) so they are having us do all these courses on accepting change and how to communicate. The hope is that we will understand better what is going on.
Friday's Communications Skills course was interesting. Definetly brought me out of my shell to say the very least during a couple of the participation parts.
First one was that we had to go around the room and find people for 6 appointment times. Once we had our 6 names the fun began... we had to go find each of those people at the appointed time (which was listed on the board) and discuss the question for on the board for two minuetes. I did OK, it was a little hard since I'm so shy and I only knew one person in the room. She was amazed that I wasn't even asking her to be one of the six people.
Once that exercise was done we did a DISC Personality Profile test. It's a 96 question test where for each box you list whether it is most like you or least like you. Then you graph it out in comparison to the norm or average (not sure which term would be more appropriate). I am a "C" (actually highest on the graph)and my next highest was "S". I'm way below average for "I" and "D". Once everyone had their graphs we went through strengths/weaknesses for each. "C's" are Cautious/Competent/Compliant/Careful. I had to agree with those and also with my weaknesses... need to be more positive and enthusiastic.
Once we'd gone through all that he requested that we talk to someone the oposite of us. So as a "CS" I went in search of a "DI" and I knew exactly who to go to because of her answers/comments during the class. The younger girl accross the room. The teacher was even impressed that I'd gone way out of my comfort zone to do that. (I'd been sitting in the back corner and he'd known exactly where I'd fall on the test.)
All in all it was a good course. I'm having fun now categorizing some of my co-workers. It will help me to communicate better with them. I'd also love for Jeffrey to take the test and would not be surprised to find out I'm married to an "ID" type person. ;)


SupComTabz said...

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Nancy said...


Good for you stretching yourself and completing the exercise. Not so sure I could have.


agent713 said...

Pamela that's awesome! I always enjoy training days like that. Jumping in and making them work for you is the best approach. Good job :) Have fun implementing your new knowledge :)