21 April 2006


Been a long week. a couple things happened at home this week that I have not posted about, didn't really want to until I knew things would be OK.
First I finally figured out what my "mother's curse" is... Ian's clutziness. There is no doubt that he got it from me. By the time I was his age I'd broken 5 bones, I was just that clutzy. Anyhow, Ian fell twice last week at school on the playground and got huge goose eggs each time. We thought he was OK at first but after the second one he got a lot quieter/less active than normal and he was really complaining about the resulting headache. So I took him to the doctor yesterday, I probably should have brought him sooner but we thought it would be OK. The doctor sent him for a CT Scan this morning. Yesterday was killing me, no answers, Ian's got a headache, he's afraid of this thing called a CT scan...
Well this morning we went to the hospital to get the CT scan done. The tech that we had was wonderful, already wrote her a thank you note and need to send it out. She was very calming but also upbeat which was very reassuring. She talked with Ian and got him used to the room. When we talked about his hair because it was sticking up I mentioned that it's his new Luke Skywalker hair-do, so she called him that the rest of the time, which he loved. Jeffrey stayed with Ian to hold his hand and I went with her in the little booth room. He thought it was cool, like going through a portal on Hot Wheels World Race/Acceleracers, had a thumbs up the whole time she took the pictures. When it was done Ian asked if he could have some pictures of his brain to show his friends and she gladly let him pick a couple out... he picked one of his scull, thought it was cool that you can see all his grown up teeth... then he picked one of his brain that actually looks like a smiley face. It's cool.
Once that was done she let us go home. For now I'm taking that as good news because the doctor yesterday had said it was a good sign if they let you go without seeing the radiologist.
Second, is Jeffrey's school for his Master's degree. He's been going on-line and doing this year-long program. He was supposed to be done on Saturday.... unfortunately his school advisor informed him that because he has two C grades, he cannot graduate... doesn't matter that he tried to contest one of them because the professor was not helpful and because he only failed the midterm and got 100%'s on all his other course work... he didn't contest it soon enough, must have been done the semester immediately following that course which was two semesters ago... doesn't matter that he still has a 3.64 even with those two grades and that the rule in the handbook says you will get the degree as long as you have above a 3.0... doesn't matter that the professor doesn't work there anymore because of all the complaints the school received about him...
On Monday when Jeffrey got the news, he was frustrated/disappointed and angry... me, well I was disappointed too (we've looked forward to him being done it's been a long year) but I couldn't show it at home... thankfully I've had some friends that have let me vent about it else I would have gone insane... On Tuesday, he swore he wouldn't retake the course even if it meant he wouldn't get his masters after all the other hard work.
Finally on Wednesday he had calmed enough to realize he needs to take the course so he registered. This will be his final semester, he gets a week off before it begins and he will graduate on my bday (June 24th). I'm that he has to take it over again... but I'm glad he's calmed enough to take the course. Here is a new countdown... just for Jeffrey cause I'm so proud of all the hard work he's done!

Sorry so long...
Pamela Lynn

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