04 April 2006


My third biggest fear (first two are losing Ian or Jeffrey) is
thunderstorms. Yesterday afternoon we had some large storms roll
through. Fortunately they stopped long enough to go get Ian and get
home. Then about 8 o'clock they started up again. They were awful. You
couldn't even count the second between a strike of lightening and the
roaring thunder, meaning that the lightening strikes were right there. I
try very hard not to let Ian know I'm afraid because I've always thought
that fear is a learned thing. Well last night, Ian wasn't liking them at
all. We recently moved his bed to the front of the house and that's
where the most wind/rain was hitting. So he came into my room to ask if
I would let him lay in there with me. I had not been planning on going
to sleep so I was a little aggravated but put that aggravation aside
because it would not help the situation. Jeffrey came up to see why Ian
was out of bed and I told Jeffrey that Ian was not liking this storm.
Then I asked Jeffrey to please watch Ian while I brushed my teeth and
took my medicine. While I was in the bathroom, Jeffrey in all his
brilliance told Ian that I'm afraid of the storms. Ugh! I was so mad!
Then Jeffrey reminded Ian that it was just the angels bowling, so Ian
started counting their strikes. So I wasn't sure to be mad or glad that
Jeffrey had given something to distract Ian. Never got a chance to tell
Jeffrey how upset I was at him for telling Ian of my fear, not sure he
would even care, which is (I think )what bugs me more.
So today I'm working on very little sleep and still slightly irritated.

Pamela Lynn


Kaesmom said...

Sorry you had such a rotten night. We had those storms too - they were loud and the lightning was pretty severe.

In the future, here's something that may help. We've always made a big deal out of lightning -- meaning "isn't it pretty" kind of comments. So now when we have a storm, we lay on the bed upstairs with the blinds open and all the lights out and we watch the "light show". Dd now ENJOYS them and actually WANTS to see more lightning.

I, personally, hate them. But this little game actually helps me too. :)

Mel said...

I can understand your fears... it has only been lately that I have not been scared of storms. I just tell myself that if I am in my house there is such a rare chance they can hurt me. So now we just enjoy them.
Though (my) Jeffrey doesn't like boomers and light light.. and I forgot all about it till a couple days ago when we had one bolt of lightning.
I think Patti's idea is really good... talk about the beauty of the storm and the nurishment of the rain.
Though it is not fun to be so tired this morning.

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Thanks Kaesmom and Melissa.

I will have to try watching/enjoying the "light show" next time. I'm just so fearful of it thought that I'll probably be jumping out of my skin.

agent713 said...

I *love* thunder storms but I can see how they can be frightening. I'm usually the one with the window wide open watching everything. :)