19 April 2006

Easter Eggs

Saturday night Ian and I colored the Easter Eggs and Jeffrey ran to get my camera to take some pictures. That makes it a major event. Lol. He dislikes using the camera, especially the one he got me for Christmas because he doesn't know how to use it. I did have to help him a bit by opening the flash (the one thing I don't like about the is that it doesn't happen automatically other than that it's awesome). Anyhow, here are some pics of Ian and me (clicking on them should make them larger if you like.

With my son's gag reflex, I was very glad to find out I had gotten the kind of egg coloring that did not require the use of vinegar. That is something I will admit I hadn't though to check out when I picked up the colors at Walgreens earlier in the day.

Ian did an awesome job helping to color the eggs. He didn't splash when he stirred the color or poured the extra water in after the tab dissolved. He didn't even splash or get it on his fingers when putting the eggs in. His favorites were the green and blue. He was not too thrilled with the pink but I thought those turned out the best.

This last picture reminds me to mention that Ian has a new silly dance. Don't know where he came up with it but he does it when he's happy/just to be silly. Isn't he adorable?

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