24 April 2006

Gardening and Yard Work

Yesterday both Jeffrey and I worked outside in the yard all day.
Jeffrey mowed the grass twice since it had grown so much and was still a
little wet in spots. The first time he went one direction to cut it and
then the second time he went the other direction and used the bagger so
we didn't have all that cut grass laying on the pretty lawn. All his
hard work on the lawn paid off cause it looks great - very green, very
soft and about 95% weed free. (Unfortunately can't do much about that
other 5% cause our neighbors don't care for their lawn.)
I helped out by doing the weed-whacking and edging. I love his Black &
Decker grass hog... It's cordless so no chasing/un-knotting/pulling on a
long cord and it does both of those jobs (edging and whacking).
Unfortunately once I got all the edging done I had to charge the battery
before I could do around the house/gardens/trees/shed. So while it was
charging I weeded our veggie garden area to get it ready for planting in
a couple weeks. That was not a fun job, it was full of carpet weed that
didn't want to let go. Once I was done, Jeffrey borrowed our neighbors
tiller attachment for the weed whacker to give the soil a good turn -
looks pretty good this year I don't think we'll have to add anything to
it. While he did that I finished up the weed-whacking.
Then it was clean up time. Thankfully.
All that time, Ian was playing in the neighborhood. He and the neighbors
boy played on either Ian's swing set or next door and each time they
switched they were sure to tell us where they were headed. When they
needed drinks or a snack they just went inside to get it. It was great
and I think he's enjoying his independence. This is really the first
year we are giving him that freedom and it's saving us a bit of money
because we used to hire the girl down the street to be a mother's helper
for the afternoon.
(PS... Yes I know I still need to take pictures to share... This is my
reminder again.)
Pamela Lynn

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