19 April 2006

Egg Hunting

After we were all awake/showered/had breakfast on Sunday morning, which was amazingly late in the morning because we all slept till about 10:15 or so, I went outside to hide Ian's Easter eggs.
Fortunately, the day before Jeffrey and I had planted so flowers in a couple of the gardens (I should really take some pics of our gardens and post just about them, this is my reminder) so that gave me a few extra places to hide things. I put seven of them in the front yard and the other seven in the back. Once I was done hiding the eggs, I went in to get Ian and my camera.
Ian wasn't doing too well at first with finding the eggs. Walked around the front yard without checking the gardens. Walked by the dogwood and the shed without noticing the eggs. He found the couple that I had put on the swingset and kind of just stood there.
So trying to be nice, I just went near each of the rest of the eggs and held my camera up to take the pictures. He got the hint although a couple of times Jeffrey had to tell him to look harder (as a matter of fact Jeffrey wouldn't have even found a couple of them had I not pointed them out).
Here are some pictures from Ian's egg hunt (click to make them larger if you would like):

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