24 April 2006

Cracker Barrel Trip

On Saturday we drove two hours (on a normal trip) away to Fredericksburg. It is the halfway point between here and my in-laws house. They didn't get to see Ian on Easter and wanted to see him and give him his basket. When we meet like this we stop for lunch a Cracker Barrel. Thankfully it wasn't busy because Ian had been complaining he was hungry since we'd left the house.
It was pouring rain so the trip was not fun, plus all the people who took their Spring Break in the south were heading home on 95. Thankfully Jeffrey was driving because I don't do well in Thunderstorms.
Ian had his normal, pancakes and a scrambled egg and he ate the whole thing. After we ate lunch, we shopped a bit because they were having 50 percent off to clear the store out for summer stuff. Then Ian and his Grandma sat in the back of Grandpa's van to open his basket. After we said our good-byes we headed for home... even though it was pouring so hard you couldn't see the car in front of you we made it home in about 2 3/4 hours... Understandably Jeffrey was exhausted so he took a nap.

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