19 April 2006

Lost Tooth

Ian has been hanging onto this loose tooth for weeks now. Finally the other day when Jeffrey was brushing his teeth Ian told him to stop because his tooth hurt. So Jeffrey stopped and told him he must pull it out because that's why it hurt. So Ian got it out in one try but this time it was very bloody, very unlike his first two that he lost.

Ian was not happy with that at all. The taste was making him gag, poor guy. (Here he is in the bathroom showing off his new empty space.)

Finally distracted him from worrying about it by taking him to rent a game at Blockbuster. That made his day.

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Everyday Mommy said...

Awwwww! Poor baby! I confess that I tremble at the thought of the loose tooth years...not there yet, our lil' guy is only 4. Your lil' guy is just adorable. Hope he's doing better now.