28 April 2006

Tough Question

Last night, Jeffrey had a meeting so Ian and I went to IHOP for dinner.
While at dinner I explained to Ian that I needed to go to Target for
some baby shower presents and game things. He wanted to know who had the
baby. So I explained that this shower was being held before the baby is
here and I explained that it's for our neighbor's son's girlfriend
Well he had a bunch of questions about the baby, at first they were like
when will it be here? In a few more weeks I told him. Will I get to see
it? So I told him I'm sure the proud grandma will bring her over or let
us come over to meet her. Where will the baby live? Well she'll live
with nsg and her parents but will visit ns on the weekends.
Then they got a bit tougher... Well how are they having a baby if ns and
nsg aren't married? Well sometimes people do things they shouldn't
before they are married (just my opinion). Well wasn't the neighbor mad?
At first she was mad with her son but then she realized the baby was
coming all the same and wanted to be able to see the baby and her son.
Well why are we having a party for something they shouldn't have done?
Um, stumped for a minute on this one... Couldn't believe all this was
coming from my 6yo. Well Ian, we want to make sure the baby will have
things she needs, diapers/formula/bottles/wipes because ns/nsg won't
have a lot of money to be getting things for her.
Then he asked if he could pick some things out. Oh my gosh... He would
have gone nuts would I have let him. It was very sweet. He picked her
out a pretty pink soft geek (magic fleece blanket, geek is just an
Ian-ism), then he picked her out a pink little cat, a pack of pink
onesies and finally a bright colored teething ring toy. Along the way
though he wanted to know if she would need shoes, so I told him no she
wouldn't need those for a while. He also picked out some sippy cups but
I told him she wouldn't need those for about a year, how about we pack
up the ones you don't use and just save them for her. He wanted to know
if she would need a bath tub and I told him our neighbor had already
gotten one. The last thing he asked about is if she would need a stool
to climb on to reach stuff. All I could do is smile and say no buddy she
won't need that for at least a couple years so we'll just save yours
since you don't need it anymore.
It was a very sweet trip to Target but also hard with all the questions.
And I don't know what was harder, knowing how good a big brother he'd be
and can't, or answering the questions.

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Nancy said...

Kids can be so sweet!!