22 May 2006

Almost Glad It's Monday

Well after this weekend I'm almost glad it's Monday and that I'm back to work.

Friday night after getting out of work, we went to dinner and then went to Sam's club to get our shopping done from there. Fortunately that only took a little while. Once we got home, I we had to unload the car and separate all the meats. Then I made cupcakes for Ian's soccer party the next day. Since I knew Saturday would be busy, I went to bed early.

Saturday was extremely busy. We got up early to go to Ian's soccer game at 9:30. Before we could leave, I had to run to Walgreens because I had forgotten to get the coach a card for the kids to sign. While there I picked up some blue hairspray (the Cougar's team color) because I thought the kids would love it. While the kids were warming up, I had them ask their parents if it was OK to use it and all but one little boy got their hair sprayed, I felt bad cause his dad wasn't there to ask but I didn't want him to get in trouble for having it. Finally that dad showed up at half time and said it was fine. That extra little morale booster did an awesome job for the cougar's confidence during the game and man did they need it. The other team was rough, their coach was even rougher, and o-man I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley... The first quarter was good, no one scored on either team, it was like a tennis match - our defense would kick it out and their defense would kick it back. The second quarter was rough... the kid who played goalie for us really prefers to play forward so two times when he was out of the goal the other team scored. Jeffrey had to leave to pick up pizzas before the third quarter and missed Ian in goal. He did an awesome job! The one mom knew I was nervous because Ian will sometimes freeze when he's nervous, and it was just that type of game. So she went out and encouraged Ian and told him he could do it (even bribed him with some lollipops). Well that must have worked because Ian did the best job at goalie that he's ever done before - he didn't care who was after the ball, he would just dive in and grab it! He stopped 3 goal attempts! I was so excited I didn't even take pictures 'cause I forgot the camera was in my hand. He even did an awesome job throwing the ball out to our forwards down the sideline. We scored three times in that quarter, so it was 3-2. The final quarter was kind of scary and got ugly, thankfully Ian was out. The other team had been pushing/pulling/tripping/elbowing the whole game, the ref won't call it unless it is blatant and the kid is hurt. Well the fourth quarter, one of our kids got hurt and ran off the field, so another guy went in. He'd been in all of two minutes and got elbowed really hard, so they let him come off to get a drink quick and his mom told him (loudly enough for the other coach to hear) if they're going to play ugly and push, just push them back. So the game resumed and that's exactly what happened. Then the scary other coach said to us, you best tell your kids (meaning the whole team) to stop pulling on shirts. And that mom said to her, just as soon as you tell your team to stop pushing/pulling/tripping/elbowing. Man it was scary and these are the 6-8 year olds... At any rate, it was like the ref's watch knew it was getting ugly because the quarter seemed to be over in no time after that (I really wonder if he forgot to pause it for the two time outs). So all the Cougar parents yelled way to go Cougars! Then the scary coach turned around and was like it's not like you won. Almost unanimously we reminded her that indeed we had 3-2. The look on her face was horrific when she realized they'd lost. I think she and the other team deserved to loose, like they'd needed that lesson. After the game was said and done we went to one of the picnic shelters for the party, coach couldn't even talk he was so proud of them.
Once we got home, I started cleaning the guest room and our bedroom because we are getting new furniture tomorrow and our old bed stuff was going to a family in need (the dressers are going to my nieces). So I needed to make room in the guest room for two extra dressers (until my sister can get here to pick them up) and I needed to get the bed taken apart. While I did that, Jeffrey mowed and took care of the gardens. Once my friend from work picked up the stuff that was going with him to the family in need, we went to do the Target and Farm Fresh shopping. After we were home for the night some friends came over to play board games (Elfenland and Settlers of Catan).

On Sunday, I woke up so congested I couldn't breathe (silly allergies). Then after I took a shower, the toilet overflowed and made a general mess. I was supposed to go to a birthday party and a candle home party but I had to cancel on both. So I could clean. Well using the bleach did nothing to help my sinuses. Also not helping the sinuses was the fact that Jeffrey decided to do a coat of paint in the bedroom since all the furniture was out and all the pictures were off the wall. Amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room. I ended up trying several different medicines to try and help the sinus pressure (throughout the day not all at once ;-) but they really weren't helping and as the day went on I lost my voice. I went to bed early because I had medicine head in the worst way. Jeffrey let me sleep in the bed with Ian (since we don't have any furniture in our room) and he took the couch.

This morning I got up and the shower helped a bit but I don't really have a voice. This will be interesting this afternoon because I have a phone interview at 4. Yikes. Any how, I'm glad the busy weekend is over, and so in that respect I'm glad it's Monday.


Susan said...

WOW! You had a busy, busy weekend. I'm glad things are slowing down for you now.

Susan said...

HELLO??? Where are you? I've been looking for your Tuesday post all day!