02 May 2006

New Rule

One of Ian's newest homework assignments is to read a starter book each
night. This is a series of 26 books. They are only about 6-8 pages long
and each page only has two or three sentences. Each night after he reads
it I have to initial it off that he has read it, kind of like a
checklist. Then he brings the book back to get a different one.
Well last night he would not sit still and was having troubles with the
words. I know that he can read them, if only he would sit still and be
able to focus on the words on the page.
Also, I know that the boy can sit still, he is capable of doing that he
just doesn't like to. Now I can't get too upset over that because
neither his father or I like to sit still for too long. I gave him a
warning to sit still and made him start the story over.
He kept wiggling. So I told him that when he is reading for each time he
wiggles he will get 1 minute of time out and have to be still. At first
he cried that he didn't want time out. So I just told him then you have
to be still.
There is the new rule. Jeffrey thought I was being a bit mean. But I
felt that it might help to curb his new "problem" thing at school of
being still in his seat (on top of the talkativeness which is getting
better). He's not a bad kid really. He just has a few bad habits, at
least for a school setting.
Pamela Lynn

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