18 May 2006

Playing Along

Tag! I'm it! Susan tagged me for this so I'm playing along. ;)

What is your favorite word? Awesome. My 6yo has even picked up on it...

What is your least favorite word? Poop (had to leave this one Susan as Ian is at the stage where he things it's hilarious to make up songs only using that word or portions of it... Po-Poo-Poop... Plo-Plo... I guess it's cause he's a boy, who knows?

What turns you on spiritually, creatively, emotionally? Sprirtually - attending church on a regular basis (which we aren't good at doing because we haven't found a church where Jeffrey is happpy - funny since he's a pastor's son - which by the way also has a lot to do with wanting to move home). Creatively - Working on my scrapbooks especially when I get behind, it's odd but it's like that motivates me to get more done. Emotionally - I'd have to agree with Susan... especially lately I've been on a roller coaster ride lots of ups and downs... though most recently the whole five year plan thing has me feeling a little bit better.

What turns you off? Back stabbers

What's your favorite curse word? Um, extremely rarely curse if at all... my worst word is turkey butt and it's a term reserved for bad drivers.

What sound or noise do you love to hear? I love to here Ian's laughter or even his talking (as long as it isn't whining).

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? A masseuse.

What profession would you NOT like to do? Clean up poop (seeing a trend here - not at all... another one I had to leave from Susan's)

If Heaven exists (HELLO! What do you mean "IF"?), what would you like to hear God say at the pearly gates? Well done and Welcome. Then telling me where to find my Grandma. (I know that probably seems silly but I miss her.)

I tag - anyone who who would like to join in!


Susan said...

Thanks for playing along! It was fun to read yours. We have so much in common! POOP!

KP said...

Sounds like our boys have something in common...POOP! Actually, now that I read the other comment...sounds like maybe a lot of us share that commonality. :)