19 May 2006

Layout: My Pumpkin

It's hard to say whether this title is because Ian is My Pumpkin or because Ian found his pumpkin and that's all he would say. Maybe the title should be My Pumpkin's Pumpkin???
Needed something to do to un-wind yesterday and I was able to finish this layout in 20 minutes to relax.


Leslie said...

WOW! You blog and scrapbook. I'm impressed.

I think the coolest thing about scrapbooking are the weekend retreats.

tosin said...

I love this one.
AND the story that goes with it.



Viamarie said...

I envy people who can do scrapbook. This needs a lot of creative talent.

It's Saturday and my SPH is up now.

Have a nice weekend!

agent713 said...

This looks great! I love the colours, and the title is cute :)

Robin said...

Hey Pamela Lynn, thanks for the welcome from Blogging Chicks :). Although I BOUGHT all the (stinkin') supplies to scrapbook YEARS ago, I never officially "joined" the cult. Instead, now, I'm a stamper! It's that immediate gratification kind of thing. You, on the other hand, have quite a knack if you're finishing pages in 20 minutes!

Glad you checked in on Pensieve, I'll drop in again soon here.