03 May 2006


Finally got around to uploading the pictures of our gardens around the house, so that I could share... been meaning to do it for a week at least, just kept forgetting.

Here are the front gardens, there are 3 flower beds in the front yard. Last year we added a rock garden and swing to the one side after tearing out a bunch of old holly bushes that were blocking the front window. Also, we found out last year that gerber daisies thrive in the garden to the left of the porch, so we planted them again this year. The iris around the front tree used to be in the middle of the back yard, which didn't make much sense, so we split them up and moved them out front. It's funny because each corner of that bed blooms in turn... the front corner blooms first because it gets the most/earliest sun.

Along the side of the house is a dogwood which I love. Aparently, according to our neighbor, the previous owner had given it to his wife for their 50 wedding anniversary. Beside the shed is a beautiful Japanese red maple tree. Ian made a birdhouse for that tree with his Grandma. It's been hanging there for about 3 years now and each year it's full of birds.

Finally on the other side of the house, is a small bed that runs the length of the house along the side walk. We are never quite sure what will survive there and what won't. The iris didn't make it there, neither did tulips, roses, hostas or lavendar... the problem is that the bricks get very hot in the noon sun and roast anything that is in that garden. It also makes the soil very dry... eventually we'll find something that will work... any ideas???


Lifecruiser said...

I don't know if this will help in your climate, but here in Sweden it's common to cover the ground with a special cloth or with barque topsoil, to keep the damp there.

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Kelly said...

I love dogwood trees! Believe it or not we have one in our yard to.
Your flower garden and the rest of your yard looks beautiful!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Oh, I miss having a dogwood! And Japanese red maple trees are in my top ten favorites--the leaves are so beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's nice to meet you, too!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

I've had good luck with shasta daisies in that kind of setting. Also, some culinary herbs love poor soil and heat. Your situation is exacerbated by the sidewalk and the brick, but with regular waterings, the daisies might just make it!

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Thanks Kim. I'll have to try the daisies.
Also, thanks to lifecruiser... we are ordering some mulch this weekend to be delivered.

Karen said...

Stonecrop is perfect for that situation. It usually sits low to the ground, so you could plant it as a bit of groundcover around your daisies. There are many different types of stonecrop in all sorts of colours and textures, but my favourites are the red ones (either 'Dragon's Blood' or 'Red Carpet').