25 May 2006

It's Official

I have a new job! Yahoo! This new job is actually my old job prior to become a USAF civilian employee, so I know the environment, the people and the job. And from my interview I apparently had done the job well, very well. The interviewer couldn't quite put a face with my name, so he asked around to try to jog his memory... and everyone he asked told him that if he had the chance to hire me back because I was very good at being detail oriented and a hard worker. Besides taking my breath away and then saying thank you, I didn't know what else to say. The interview today, really wasn't your typical interview, it was more of this is what you will be doing and do you feel comfortable because I really want to get you on this team. Also, it was a little strange because I will be working as a subcontractor to the person I interviewed with so it was a little bit about how he expected business regarding time cards/leave etc to work. Then I got to say hello to all the people who I'd worked with before and they were extremely glad to see me. :-)
As luck would have it, the program manager who would actually be hiring me for the subcontract was down today from Northern VA for a visit, so I got to meet him and the HR rep that I'd been working with. That was a nice chat, during our talks he needed to know where I was born for my clearance paperwork so of course I told him and he says I didn't grow up far from there and named the town... small world because the town he was born and raised in is where my parent also lived, I just happened to be born in a hospital a few towns away. Then the HR rep mentioned that she was born and raised in the town my husband was in when he and I met... Who knew three NJ people would meet in VA like this, years after we'd left the state?
For those that may have read about Jeffrey and my Five Year Plan, this is one of the first steps. If you are wondering why, it's because I'm going to be getting a very decent pay raise. This will allow us to pay off some debt from when I was furloughed a couple years back because a contract I was working on ended and also to save a good bit of money. Yahoo, the plan is already starting to move... I can't wait!
Pamela Lynn


praynlady said...

Congrats! Sounds like a pretty good day for you! Thanks for stopping in on my page. Please come back for a cry or a laugh now and again. I post daily most of the time, but lately I have had to really strain to fit it in. God uses me in the strangest ways sometimes! Nice to meet you and thanks for the welcome!

Susan said...

Good job! Congrats! Woohoo! I am happy for you!

agent713 said...

That is so exciting Pamela! Congratulations!

Mel said...