09 May 2006

Busy Weekend Away

Spent most of yesterday getting caught up from being away. It was a busy weekend but a lot of fun. We got to my in-laws house around 9:30 PM on Friday night, we made good time despite the fact that it was pouring rain for most of the drive up.
On Saturday morning, Jeffrey let me sleep in a bit while he went to breakfast with his dad and Ian was playing with Grandma. After I got up we went over to the church yard sale. Found some great things: a CM accessory bag ($2), several Serendipity books (Flutterby was unfortunately not one of them but I picked up 4 others for $1), a scooter ($5), a baseball and bat ($2), strike zone net(don't know the right term... you throw the ball at it and it bounces back, it has a strike zone laid out on it too for $10 it was a steal cause they are normally about $50) and several baby girl outfits for my neighbors granddaughter.
While Ian took a rest, mom and I went to Gettysburg Village Factory Stores, so I could find some shorts or Capri's for this summer. We had a good trip, some laughs while trying to find my size though because most of the stores with my size are for old ladies... the one even smelled like my nana does, it was hilarious because we both just turned around to walk out. I love that I get along with my mother-in-law so well. Saturday afternoon Ian, Grandma and I went to the community park in Thurmont, MD. They just replaced most of the equipment there. Ian had a lot of fun on the rock climb (pretending he was King of the world) and the merry-go-round. After dinner we went back to the outlets because Dad and Ian needed shoes and Jeffrey decided he needed some shorts too. Dad drove this time so I was able to get a picture that I've been wanting of the sign for the stores, it's very pretty and sits right on the highway, I was impressed that I caught this picture pretty well through the back window while we were going 70 miles an hour.
Sunday morning we went to church. During the children's sermon Ian would not get a cross painted on his face until after Dad did, it was sweet. Then we went to Mountain Gate (a favorite family style buffet restaurant) for lunch. After lunch Dad went to a bowling fund raiser for the Boys and Girls club. So while we waited for him to get back, Jeffrey rested for the drive home and Mom, Ian and I went to two other parks. The first park is at a new Welcome to MD rest area that just opened up about 10 minutes north of my in-laws on route 15. Ian had fun on this ladder and the view of the mountains was great. After about an hour there, we went over the covered bridge to Loys Station Park. The bridge was restored in 1994 and it's a one lane bridge over the creek. Ian likes to go down under the bridge to watch the cars cross, Mom took this picture of us from the other side of the creek.
Ian likes the monkey bars at Loys Station better than the other parks because if he falls he isn't too high off the ground. So he does a lot better on them because he isn't worried about that.
When we went to leave Ian left one of his favorite "geeks" (blankets) for Grandma to bring to the hospital with her. It brought tears to her eyes and was very sweet. That was about the only mention the entire weekend of Mom's upcoming trip to the hospital, thankfully the weekend was stress free and relaxing.

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Nancy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! Great pics too!