24 May 2006

Busy Week

Why is it that anytime I volunteer for something, that week tends to get
busy with other things as well, even if my calendar was clear for that

A month ago, I volunteered to coordinate the luncheon and going away
gifts for a co-worker. I did it for many reasons but mostly because of
the people that work with or near her I've known her the longest, she
was even my supervisor for four of my years in this building.
A week and a half ago, we ordered new furniture for the bedroom (pics
another time, because I haven't uploaded them yet) and it was to be
delivered yesterday.
A week ago, I arranged to have a job phone interview on Monday.
Then Sunday I got the start of an awful head cold.

The interview got timing got confused - the interviewer thought I still
worked for the main contractor so I couldn't apply legally without
permission to a sub-contractor and the HR person didn't get a hold of
him in time to clarify the situation.
The furniture was delivered fine yesterday with one exception, the knobs
are missing from the night table but this will be remedied (actually
they are ordering a complete new set to ensure the night table matches
both dressers). But the rest of the day was busy playing catch up.
Mostly it was for the luncheon, which right now I'm praying goes well,
because I had to run around yesterday and get menu selections from those
that had RSVP'd and hadn't sent menu selections. Which was awful 'cause
they treated me like their waitress.
At some point after 2 in the afternoon, the interview was rescheduled
for 4:30 that afternoon, more on this another time, like maybe after my
in person interview tomorrow.

So here I am at Wednesday already, the frame for one of the gifts did
not come with hardware, so I'm going to have to run it back up to the
hobby shop to get it fixed, the luncheon is at 11:30 and I'll be glad
when this day is done.


Dani said...


My Momma always said...tomorrow will be a better day. Hoping you survive today and your tomorrow is better (though for me, Momma was never right! LOL)

Susan said...

Wow! Sounds like you've been crazy!!!
Praying tomorrow is betteR!