26 May 2006

Thirteen Weird Blogging Habits

I got this from Susan who got it from Jeana who had made up her very own meme to list 13 weird blogging things I do. Like Susan, I'm not sure I can list 13 things but I will sure try.

1. I like to try to be the first to welcome new Blogging Chicks.
2. To make sure I Welcome all the new chicks, I copy the list and paste it into MS Word.
3. I love comments, so I like to leave them for others in hopes of getting some of my own.
4. I love to play along in meme/games.
5. I have all the blogthings I've put in my random section of the side bar commented out, just in case... (I'm not sure of what the just in case is).
6. I've been working little bits at a time to get my own design done for the blog and I'm not even half done cause I can't dedicate enough time to it.
7. I read the blogs of people who have commented first.
8. After comments I read in random order of friends.
9. I consider those that write blogs I go to often to be friends.
10. I get worried if someone who posts regularly hasn't posted.
11. I will put things off to work on a post, especially if it's a meme/game.
12. I like to link-back to posts whenever I can and it doesn't worry me if that person doesn't do the same.
13. I talk about my *friends* in real life as if I've met them.

Play along if you can!


Welsherella said...

Hello! I would love to do this meme too but I've just posted two in a row so I should wait until I've been original a couple of times! Please go to my blog (and leave me a comment, cos I love them too!) and feel free to tag yourself on the meme that I've just made up (I'm so proud of myself)!

Susan said...

Thanks for playing along!

praynlady said...

Hey that is exactly how I feel too! lol
I love to blog!
I love comments! I am addicted to checking my posts for them as if my life depended on it! I love getting to know new people and this is one of the best ways to do it!

ps my TT is up!

truth said...

I found your blog via OwlHaven. I love your scrapbook layouts! It made me miss scrapbooking-haven't done a thing for 2 years. I am so behind.

And I too enjoy meeting new people via blogworld.

Susan said...

Just checking in. See you haven't posted in awhile. WHERE ARE YOU?? Okay, so I just got back today but dang girl... :)

Karmyn R said...

Your #10 reminds me of my grandmother - she was a worrier - it was said of her that she "took in other people's worries like the luandry."

Oh - and as far as getting comments: Check out the Blog Chick Wendy's Whimsies http://wendyswhimsies.blogspot.com/ She has a great game going on right now for getting comments!!!

Michelle said...

Oh, I do almost all of those as well! Just recently got into the meme thing, and now I'm worried I'll go all overboard and ONLY do those! Currently seeing which X-Men character I am!

Michelle said...

Turns out I'm Cyclops (which took three attempts to get - the first two were 'Mystique'

Jennifer said...

Those are pretty interesting. I'm a Blogging Chick, and just did a random click today and have been reading a bit about you.

LaShawn said...

I have to say, I worry when people stop posting too. Comments make every bloggers day!