04 May 2006

Ian and My Car

I'm not sure what started this but Ian likes to climb or sit on my car. Maybe it is that I let him do it at soccer practice while waiting for the coach or maybe it is that he can't believe I let him do it, since I'm always so afraid he will get hurt. Once when Jeffrey saw it he couldn't believe I was letting him... thinking I'd be afraid he might fall off... Well quite honestly, I am afraid of that but I'm usually within a few feet and watching that Ian doesn't get too near the edge... so I kind of let it go. Plus I'm starting to realize more and more that he's going to get hurt, not to say I'd let him run down the middle of the street or anything close but I do realize I need to give him a little freedom to be a boy...
At any rate, any time we are outside just relaxing, he's on my car... Well the other night, he climbed up there and I *happened* to have my camera outside, actually not a rare occasion, lol... and he was being a ham.


Wystful1 said...

Cute, cute boy! And I love the name Ian. Yep, my youngest is 34 this month, and you do have to let 'em get hurt once in while. But, still be the protector...I totally understand you blog comments.

Thanks for the wonderful welcome to Blogging Chicks!!!

Mel said...

Very cute!
That will be a great page!!!


agent713 said...

That's cool. *I* was never allowed on the car. Still bitter about that ;) Ian's pretty light still. I'd be more worried about him denting the car then falling off. Cute pictures :)