10 February 2006

Blog Words - One Month of My Blog

Well, a week or so ago one of my SS friends found this SnapShirts.
I didn't do it then because I wanted to wait to get my word cloud until it was my one month anniversary of my blog. Silly, huh? Oh well... here it is.


Mel said...

Happy 1 month anniversary!

It is almost a year since I have been blogging "full time".

Lots of fun, huh?


Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Yep lots of fun... just wish I could be more regular with my posts. Also, still kind of need to decide what it will be about.

Mel said...

Well.. it could be like our What's Up posts (and like my blog) and about everything and nothing!

agent713 said...

Not silly. Congrats on your one month :)

I use my blog as a catch all. Things I find interesting, updates on me, etc. I love it :)

~Heidi...who was going to post this reply a few days ago and didn't for some reason...