28 February 2006

Last Semester!

Yay for Jeffrey! He started his last semester for his Master's degree
last night. He's been doing an on-line program to get his master's
degree in a year. It's been a long year, especially for him. I don't
know how he does it with work and still spending time with Ian and me. I
think he may want to sleep for a week when he is done in 8 more weeks
and I would gladly let him.

Last night he was telling me that on the first day/week of class the
students all give a brief introduction about themselves. He said this is
a bit redundant because most of the people in his last two classes have
been in classes with him for the whole year. But he said all of them are
ready for this to be done and he for one is ready to be a part of the
family again and go to bed early. I told him I think he's done an
awesome job of not detaching himself from Ian and me. Most night (like
99% of the time) he doesn't even start course work until after Ian goes
to bed. I'm really happy that he has done it this way really proud of
him for going back for his Master's.

Pamela Lynn

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Nancy said...

WooHoo, Go Jeffrey!

And go Pamela for being so supportive!