16 February 2006

Stress Test

OK, so my friend at work sends me this email... it has 3 images attached and it says that she's too stressed. So I open the images and it's just pictures, huh? So I ask her and she says they are moving around, um no, not for me???
So I figure that I'll ask you all if they are moving and I upload the images to imageevent. And then I look away from the screen while I have one open from there and guess what... they're moving.
I guess I am too stressed.
Any how here are the images...


nancy said...

I guess I am stressed too!

Great optical illusion.

Mel said...

I have seen ones like this!

And heck, if it means I get a break, hell ya, I am stressed.


Emmy said...

Hmmm they are moving for me too ... I am stressed which I knew but they were moving fast so I am really stressed I guess *lol*