13 February 2006

Too Tired

This morning Ian was too tired to get moving. Jeffrey went in to lay out his clothes and Ian hid under his geeks (blankets). Then Jeffrey gave Ian his six minutes to get ready. (It used to be five but then Ian turned six and for everything he now wants "6" and he'll hold up that many fingers to tell you.)
Six minutes later, I went in expecting to help Ian by straightening his socks or pants or making sure his shirt wasn't on backwards but I found him still asleep hidden under the blanket. So I got him out from under the blankets and started waking him up but he was too tired, kept rubbing his eyes and rolling back over to go to sleep. Finally got him dressed but I had to threaten to not let him stay up to watch the Olympics.
Poor guy, he loves watching them as much as his Daddy and I do. I would hate to take this away from him. It is only, after all, for two weeks.
I guess I'll have to wait and see how he does at school today and how tired he's acting after dinner tonight. Maybe I can just tape them for him, at least parts that I know he'd like and let him watch them earlier in the evening.

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