27 February 2006


Well I wasn't around much over the weekend. I didn't get to watch the Women's Free Skate in the Olympics on Thursday night. Even though I did a great job of not checking the medal count all day on Thursday. I ended up going to bed early with a migraine. Yuck.
Stayed home on Friday too because my head still was throbbing. I slept most of the day and only got up around 4 in the afternoon to take a shower.
Saturday we cleaned house. I'm so thankful to have a husband who doesn't mind helping out with the cleaning. Actually we do pretty good time wise because I do the kitchen and the bathrooms while he does the den/living/dining rooms. Then we work on the laundry and the bedrooms together. All done in about 5 hours time.
Sunday we went out to dinner and saw comedian Ron White with a bunch of friends. It was an awesome time. Dinner was wonderful, though expensive would have been much less without Jeffrey's martinis. The show was hilarious, roll on the floor laughing hysterically.
Ian had a good time with a new sitter. The daughter of a friend of mine from work came over to watch him. They played game cube, had some pizza for dinner, played a board game and played monster trucks for a while. When we got home he was trying to convinc the poor girl to let him watch a movie. Silly us forgot to warn her that he's not one to go right to sleep when you put him in bed. My co-worker said her daughter couldn't get over how sweet Ian was and how much fun they had. And Ian was still talking about her this morning. So I guess we've found a good new sitter.


Patty said...

Hope you're feeling better. Grab that sitter - good ones are hard to find.

agent713 said...

That's awesome Pamela! Good sitters ARE hard to find. Glad you all had a good evening :)