23 February 2006


OK, I know I've posted that I love the Olympics. Jeffrey and I even showed Ian how much we love them and now he loves them.
Well today will be the finals of my favorite event, women's figure skating.
I posted on Scrapshare today that I wanted to stay off-line as much as possible today because I'm so tempted to go check out the live coverage of the event.
Well so far I've been good, it will be a little easier once I'm home because I'll have to make dinner, do dishes, give Ian a bath and by that time I can watch it on TV. But I sooooo, want to know what's happening with it. It's very very hard not to go look.
So I'm off to find some busy work, which I don't normally like, but today anything can help to keep me distracted.


Mel said...

Glad that is over with, huh!?!?!


tosin said...

You were one of those kids who peeked at their Christmas presents before Christmas, weren't you? :)


Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Yes! How did you know? I dislike surprises. Can't stand em. ;)