13 February 2006

I'm Soooo.... Not Ready For This

So I picked Ian up from school today (which if you read my earlier post, he did have a good day and wasn't acting tired) and he's holding a card from someone. He hands it to me to read and it's a Valentine from a little girl in his daycare. She gave it to him early because she won't get a chance tomorrow.
It's cute, lots of mispelled words (they are in kindergarden so they are phonetically spelled and that's OK).
So I'm talking to the daycare person and she's like oh yeah she absolutely loves Ian. Yikes.
Then when I get to the car I call Jeffrey to tell him and he says, well I was going to tell you at home but... a co-worker's daughter who also works at the school was babysitting this girl over the weekend. When the sitter got a Star Wars cup out, the little girl says, Ian would love that!
So Jeffrey asks Ian if this is his girl-friend and Ian says no she's just a girl who chases me around alot.
Oh my... I'm soooo.not.ready.for.this!

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