21 February 2006

The Meaning of I'm Sorry

Well, Ian got a pin pulled in class again today. Talk about disappointed, it's like a continuation from last Friday. :-(
All he could say was "I'm sorry, Mommy." Well Ian I know that but think it's mostly because he wants to watch the Olympics and play games tonight but instead will have to go to bed. I asked him if he knows what it means to be sorry. He says he knows that he regrets whatever he's apologizing for and won't do it again. Well then I asked "Then why on earth did you talk again during class?"
At the suggestion of a friend, we are now adding to the punishment. He will write a letter of apology to the teacher and say he won't talk in class. It will probably take him a half-hour to write. Maybe it will help, we'll see.
Hoping tomorrow is better. Please? Oh please? Oh please?


Divine Calm said...

Creative idea. Hope it helps.

nancy said...

I hope that it works for you!!!