21 February 2006

Weekend Is Almost Over

Well my weekend has been a four day weekend. Yesterday was a holiday and should have been my alternate work day off, so I'm off today too.
Friday night I went scrapbooking at my neighbor's house. It was great! I hadn't been in quite a while, so it was really nice to be there. But also, I got working on my journalling again. And that felt awesome! I got 10 pages done. Yay me!
On Saturday, we went to the mall so Jeffrey could go to his eye doctor appointment and pick out new glasses. We need to get Ian in to see the eye doctor and the doctor was understanding and let him go in while Jeffrey got his exam. We'll make Ian appointment soon, hopefully it goes better than his first dental exam.
On Sunday, my cold got worse. So Jeffrey let me sleep on and off throughout the day. And it must have done the trick because I was almost 100% yesterday.
Yesterday was interesting. Jeffrey suggested that Ian and I go to the movies since he had a bunch of homework to do. At first Ian was all for it, so we picked a time and choose the 2:40 show of Curious George. Then when we were eating lunch we were talking about it and Ian said he wasn't going without Daddy. That really hurt so I told him fine we wouldn't go, asked Jeff if he minded if I left the table and then went upstairs to cry. I understand he's Daddy's boy now and probably will be forever-more but why does it have to hurt so bad when he doesn't want me anymore. Well Jeffrey must have talked with Ian because about 15 minutes later he was up to apologize. Then he asked if we could still go to the movies. I told him yes, so we left and had a great time.
Sorry, I know this has been long but jsut wanted to catch up after the weekend.


nancy said...

Pamela, I know exactly how that is! I don't think that there is much else that hurts me more! Both of my boys prefer their dad, although I have to also say that Nathaniel who is 7, will hang out a little more willingly with me than he used to.

Sending you ((((BIG HUGS)))))

PS I've been known to leave the room also!

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only silly mom to leave the room because her boy (my baby although I don't call him that anymore because he would get upset) doesn't want her.