15 February 2006

Thankful For A Kind Stranger

This morning, I am not feeling well. I have almost no voice (my yell sounds like a whisper), I'm achy, I'm extremely tired, I have a headache and I probably should have stayed in bed.
But I didn't. So on my way to work I stopped at 7-11 to get something warm to drink because I thought it would help my throat feel better and maybe might help me wake up some. So I stop the car, get out, lock the doors and go inside. I had just finished getting my Cappuccino when a nice gentleman says "Who owns the red Saturn?" Shyly I raise my hand and he comes over to offer me a friendly bit of advice, "Ma'am, you really shouldn't leave your purse in the car, especially when your wallet is partially sticking out so you can see the money in it." So, I thank him, tell him I appreciate that he told me and run out to get my purse. Fortunately the lady working at 7-11 didn't think I was trying to steal my coffee. I came back in to get a water and pay. Again I thank the gentleman because had he not been an honest/nice person I would have been without my purse.
I know what I did wasn't smart and I should be more careful. But I am extremely thankful for the kind stranger this morning.


Mel said...

Nice and kind of creepy. Though glad you had not troubles.
I hope you feel better.


agent713 said...

I agree with Mel. Nice, but kind of creepy. Sounds like his delivery was good which is the biggest thing.

"I hope you learned your lesson young lady!" LOL

Hope you're feeling better soon too.


Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Yes... lesson learned. Pay attention to what I'm doing in the morning and remember to grab my purse and not leave it in the car.

Thanks for the well wishes from you both.

Anonymous said...

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