30 March 2006

Date Night

Jeffrey and I do much better as a couple when we can go out together either by ourselves or with a couple of friends at least once a month. We need the time to be a couple and not just parents. I've found a new sitter, one of my co-workers daughters loves Ian and he is looks forward to seeing her. I asked her to come over on Saturday so Jeffrey and I could go out for drinks/appetizers with another couple after his meeting on Saturday. Ian's first question was if she could bring over her Harry Potter "Clue" game - and he was thrilled when she said yes.
We went out to a pace here called Saddle Ridge - it's like a bar/dance club, has a separate section for dinners and they played lots of country music. We had a blast. It ended up being 3 couples. The one lady was way over dressed so about quarter to 10 we ran to Bass Pro next door to see if we could find her something to wear. She did and then kept it on and paid for it. The girls got me on the floor for one line dance which was hilarious cause I'm so un-coordinated (almost glad I don't have a picture to share ;) ). About 11:30 the one couple left to go home and then the rest of us went to another bar cause the one girls brother was there. It was a smaller place and there were lots of odd people there, way more fun to people watch, especially since I wasn't the one drinking. Drove the other couple home around 1:30 and then got home around 2. Man was I tired. But I had to shower before I could sleep (reeked or smoke, yuck can't believe I ever smelled like that). Also, I wanted to wait up for the sitter to call that she'd made it home safe.
It was a great time. I hope to have way more of these "date nights" with Jeffrey, especially now that his college days are coming to an end (23 more days, yahoo).


agent713 said...

That sounds like a blast! You'll have to take me there if/when I come visit :) Good job on the date night thing. It is so important.

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Most definetly. You would love it, I thought of you the whole time we were at Saddle Ridge. Maybe you can teach me how to do a better job at dancing then.